Introduction and Background

Rahnaward Social & Civil Association (RSCA) is an independent nonprofit Civil Society Organization registered with the Ministry of Justice in 2011 (Reg. No: 3482).

The RSCA has been established by a group of committed human rights activists with a vision to provide a platform for front-line human rights activists, volunteers and other community influencers to promote human rights and network with other relevant stakeholders. The head office of RSCA is Ghor province with sub office in Kabul-Afghanistan

Decades of armed conflicts and unending violation of human rights and war crimes has left Afghanistan devastated. With the rapidly changing political scenario and increase conflicts, human rights defenders, women activists, journalists, health and humanitarian workers, and religious and ethnic minorities are among those targeted most by the terrorists and non-state actors.

In such testing times, RSCA promote the unity and collaboration of civil society and related stakeholders to join hands for the protection and support of the activists, experts, lawyers, journalists, and others who work to protect the most at risk, from vulnerable minorities and civilians in wartime, to refugees and children in need.

We strive to direct our advocacy towards governments, armed groups and businesses to lobby for the change or enforce their laws and practices. RSCA encourages to partner with all organizations in Afghanistan as well as abroad to protect activists at risk and to stop abuses of rights and bring justice to victims.

The aim of the RSCA and its leadership revolve around the community development with human/women rights and social justice at the core of it. We believe in hard work and acquiring the advance capacities to the team and stakeholders of the RSCA for efficient and effective services.

Structure and Governance

In accordance to its bylaw, Rahnaward Social and Civil Association is governed by its Board of Directors (4 Men and 6 Women) that is comprised of well-known people from academia and development sector. The Board members have a great deal of experience and expertise in the field of non-profit work.

They are committed to a development process that is based on the long-term needs and tranquility of the people. The board sets the organization long-term policies, reviews and approves the long term strategy, provides regular and continuous advice and support to the Executive Director, supervises the work of the RSCA, and provides timely feedback on program implementation.

The daily program management of RSCA is executed by the competent management team having key managerial staff and 65 frontline defenders who are working voluntarily along the paid staff.