What We Do

The RSCA aims to empower frontline defenders/volunteers by providing them with capacity-building training in civic education and legal awareness, as well as offering public quality education to disadvantaged girls. Over the last decade, the RSCA team has successfully implemented several capacity building and advocacy projects That were funded by the Australian Embassy in Kabul and the Afghanistan Civil Society Forum Organization (ACSFO) to improve the civic knowledge and legal understanding of human rights defenders and CSO members working to protect women, promote women's role and participation in governance and decision-making, eliminate violence against women, and combat gender-based violence. Furthermore, with the financial assistance of board members, individual donors, and Bamyan Foundation, the RSCA team could grant scholarships to more than 250 poor girls to study for free.

Women in Ghor province, Afghanistan, are very vulnerable, and numerous horrific crimes against women have occurred in recent years, which have been widely reported in national and international media, with Ghor being dubbed "the capital of violence against women." To assist victims of violence, forced marriages, and early marriages, the RSCA trained 40 women activists from across the province as paralegals (legal counsellors) in Afghanistan's law and regulation regarding human/women rights, as well as the Afghan judicial system and international conventions on women's rights.

Reinforcement of the Community response to the Violence Against Women Propjet

Reinforcement of the Community response to the Violence Against Women Propjet

Strengthening the role of local civil society on good governance

Skills for Women in the Workplace Training Program

Establishment and Capacity Building for School Advocacy Councils (SAC)

Scholarship, S1R project